What Is This?

In order to make students more critical consumers of information and persuasive writers, the Buffalo Seminary sophomores learn about logic and rhetoric in their English class. They’re then given this missive: convince us of something that doesn’t really matter, but write as if it’s the only thing that matters. And that’s what you’ll find on this website — passionately persuasive essays about largely trivial matters.

Here’s what they are taught:

  • Use logos by considering cause and effect arguments. When applicable, support arguments with facts and data.

  • Use ethos by building goodwill with the audience. Include reputable voices of authority to confirm claims. Write with sophisticated language to build trust.

  • Use pathos by including narratives, humor, and/or emotionally-charged language.

  • Use literary and rhetorical devices.

  • Open with a hook.

  • Write a narrowly defined thesis statement.

  • Organize with clear topic sentences. Use transitions when possible.

  • Conclude with well-written sentences that will resonate with your reader.


Please keep in my mind that some of our students are not native English speakers.


Now, go get convinced!